Peer Reviewer Awards

We are pleased to announce our selection for top reviewers in 2021: Reviewer of the Year, Carolyn Wight, BSc(Hons), MHI, MRT(R)

Outstanding Reviewers
Lisa McDaid, MClinRes, BSc(Hons)
Parker Sheehan, RTT, CSRT
James Harcus, BHSc(Hons), MSc, PgCert, PgCHE, FHEA
Sibusiso Mdletshe, DTech (Rad), MTech (Rad), NHD (Rad-Ther), ND (Rad-Diag), ND (HR), SPMP, Teaching Advancement at University (TAU) Fellow

In 2011, we introduced awards to recognize the contribution of the volunteer peer reviewers who review manuscripts for the JMIRS. The prize, at the journal's/CAMRT's discretion, will be a plaque and an official letter recognizing the achievement. Winners will be profiled in the CAMRT Newsletter and social media channels, mentioned in the JMIRS Message from Editor, and listed on the JMIRS website.


  • Reviewer of the Year
  • Outstanding Reviewer (four names are chosen per year)

Initial selection

The winning referees should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Completed at least one review during the year of the award
  • Review was received within the requested timelines
  • Provided relevant, detailed feedback and offered guidance and suggestions as to how the paper could be enhanced in presentation and content

The Managing Editor will select the top 3-5 names in each category based on the criteria above, and send to the Editor-in-Chief for final selection.

Past winners


Reviewer of the Year, Minh (Shayne) Chau, BMRS(MedImaging) (Hons), GradCertMRS, GradCertClinEd, PhD(c)

Outstanding Reviewers
Samantha Moraes, BSc, BMRSc, MRT(R), CTIC
Brandon Hirsch, MS, CMD RT(R)(T)(CT)
Lynne Hazell, MTech (Radiography)
Carrie Lavergne, MSc, MRT(T)


Reviewer of the Year, James Loudon, RTT

Outstanding Reviewers
Sarah Pearce, MRT(R), ACR, CBI, B.Tech., M.Ed.
Stephanie Lea, RTR
Kamarul Amin Adbullah, MSc
Robert Boily, PhD


Reviewer of the Year, Norman Atagu, RTR

Outstanding Reviewers
Marcia Docherty, RTNM, PhD
Robert Miner, RTNM
Riaan van de Venter, MTech: Rad (Research)
Neill Roberts, RTT


Reviewer of the Year, Laura D’Alimonte, RTT

Outstanding Reviewers
Katherine Jensen, RTT, ACT
Edwin Chan, RTT
Dr. Chris Bragg
Daphne James, RTNM


Reviewer of the Year, Alison Giddings, RTT

Outstanding Reviewers
Victoria Barnosky, PhD
Sharon Maresse, PhD
Dr. Anne-Marie Culpan
Merrylee McGuffin, RTT


Reviewer of the Year, Lynn Montgomery, RTT

Outstanding Reviewers
Lacey Greene, CNMT
Lysa Legault Kingstone, RTMR
Mike Darud, RTT, ACT
Holly Chun, RTR, RTMR


Reviewer of the Year, Allan Day, CDS, RTT

Colin Alden, RTNM
Andrei Damyanovich, PhD, MCCPM
Christine Baillie, RTT
Cynthia Eccles, RTMR, RTT


Reviewer of the Year, Jill Sutherland, RTT

Dr. Harry Marshall
Yongbin (Gary) Zhang, MS
Winnie Li, RTT
Dr. Zhiqiu Li


Reviewer of the Year, Sheri Lomas, ACT, RTT

Dr. Anthony Hodsman
Dr. Mark Alexiuk
Lyndon Morley, RTT
Jenny Soo, ACT, RTT


Reviewer of the Year, Roberta Sharp, RTR, ACR

Dr. Andrew Goertzen
Dr. Xiaoxu Liu
Michael Velec, RTT
Lois Brown, RTR, ACR